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ndustry information and technical inno▓vation to Taiwan business people. It will also promote the sustainable development of Taiwan enterprises on the Mainland.Wu Shengguo, the vice director of Taiwan Affa

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irs Office in Fujian, said,"We will pr▓ovide management, technology and human resource serv▓ices to Taiwan enterprises on the Mainland, helping them ride out▓ any difficulties."Huang Guanxu,from Kairui Hardware

e team exami

ned and analyz

Ltd.▓Co,Fujian, said,"The local government has helped us a lot, and we have been transforming and upgradi▓ng gradually and successfully, that is good for us."Top DPRK leader ▓Ki

ed the self-

appraisals of ea

m Jong Il inspects enterpriseBy Fang Yang BEIJING, March 21 (Xin▓huanet) -- In face of economic restructuring, enterprise leaders need to be tri-sect▓or leaders, Dominic Barton, global managing director of global manag

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and all social sect

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